ADHD 101 - Saturday, January 20th, 2024

ADHD and Executive Functioning difficulties can make all kinds of daily responsibilities harder. For students, this often makes the classroom and homework a daily struggle. For many adults, it can impact work performance or make tasks around the home seem impossible to keep up with. Join Caewyn Barnett, LMHC, as she unpacks what is happening for people with ADHD and how they and their loved ones can implement more effective strategies to help get things done without getting stuck in a cycle of shame. 

Part One: What is ADHD & Executive Functioning - Understanding signs, symptoms, and treatments for teens and adults

Part Two: Parenting ADHD - Understanding and creative problems solving for parents of ADHD kids and teens

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The Incredible Years® is a series of interlocking, evidence-based programs for parents, children, and teachers, supported by over 30 years of research. The goal is to prevent and treat young children's behavior problems and promote their social, emotional, and academic competence. The programs are used worldwide in schools and mental health centers, and have been shown to work across cultures and socioeconomic groups.

Bell Tower Counseling staff are trained to run The Incredible Years workshops. Upcoming dates and event details will be posted here.